Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reinforcements - Send In The Dogs!

Told you I was getting back into the swing of things! The paints and brush are back on the table, which is a good feeling. I've been working on a counts-as Khorne Hounds unit for my Rat Daemon army. The above is a unit of 15, which comes in at 225 points of super fast, Grey Knight slaughtering goodness.

I bought a bunch of Chaos Warhounds from the fantasy range, then used green stuff to fill the holes on either side of their head where the horns are supposed to go. That turned out to be rather easy as the scuplting tool could just follow the lines of the hair to either side.

Here they are a little closer. These photos were taken with my new iPhone 5 and it is way better at photographing miniatures that the 4. I'll bring the rest of the rats home from work and take some nice closeup pics of the army very soon.

The dogs will let me run my Daemons at 750 points without Fateweaver, using a list like this:
Herald of Tzeentch - Daemonic Gaze, Bolt of Tzeentch 80
8 Horrors - Bolt of Tzeentch, The Changeling 151
5 Horrors - Bolt of Tzeentch 95
5 Horrors - Bolt of Tzeentch 95
8 Nurglings - 104
15 Flesh Hounds 225 
750 points

Friday, February 1, 2013

Wednesday Warriors at Good Games Melbourne

Name: Wednesday Warriors
Location: Good Games Melbourne (365 Lonsdale St, Melbourne)
Time: 12pm-1:30pm every Wednesday
Cost: Free
Army Size: 750 points

Let me introduce to you Wednesday Warriors, a lunchtime 40k meetup in Melbourne CBD. For all of you who aren't getting enough 40k in your week, this is an opportunity to squeeze in an extra game without impacting on your busy schedule.