Tuesday, January 24, 2012

British/Polish Parachute Company (1500)

I've been making good progress with my Paratroopers - pics to come shortly! Ive moved on and bought anti-tank guns and artillery, and have HMGs an Mortars on order. As my forces slowly build, it has become time to settle the 1500 point lists that I want to aim for.

Both these lists come from "A Bridge Too Far", which is the only briefing book I have. The first list is incredibly defensive, a true Parachute list. The second list lets me play around with recon and tanks :) Both lists are accompanied with a brief explanation of why I chose the units in question.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FoW vs 40k: Writing an Army List

As a 40k veteran dipping my toes into Flames of War, with what I assume is a 40k-centric readership, it seems a good opportunity to write a series of articles comparing elements of the two systems. I know I would have found such content invaluable during my preliminary investigation of Flames of War. If nothing else, it is an opportunity for the reader to increase their FoW literacy.

Building an army in Flames of War is superficially similar to 40k. Firstly you pick a briefing (40k: codex); then take the mandatory HQ and platoons (40k: units); choose additional platoons to taste; then fill up the remaining points with upgrade options. Of course whilst doing this you need to make sure that you maximize the synergies between units, and ensure that your selections can handle tanks, infantry, transports and aircraft.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Black Templars vs Necrons Campaign

Have you seen the campaign in the recent White Dwarf, pitting Necrons against Black Templars in a series of four battles? I have recently been challenged by Battle Bunker Joel, our resident Necron player, to participate in the full set of games against his robots with my Crimson Fists Black Templars.

This will be a great opportunity to have some fun with 40k, and might provide some motivation to buy and/or paint up a few extra models. It's also going to be a great source for some blog content. I'll make sure I take lots of pics of the games to share, and a report on the highlights and outcome of each battle.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trading by Forum: WargamerAU Buy Swap & Sell

I have often heard from both podcasts and blogs the bad experiences people have buying second hand models from forums and eBay. I wanted to share with the world some of the great experiences I have had buying 40k models from the Buy Swap & Sell forum (BSS) on the WargameAU site. I also have a few ideas on why we on this forum have had a better experience than the average.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Tau List for Arcanacon (1200 pts)

I'll be at Arcanacon in three weeks (28th January) and lists need to be in by midnight tomorrow so for those of you attending who are as lazy as I am PULL YOUR FINGER OUT. Download the player pack here.

I have been working on a 1200 point for a few weeks now. Basically a streamed down version of my usual 1500 point list that I have a lot of experience with now and am starting to master :) This is what I had up to this point:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Powerfist Tactica Link

I couldn't help but share this very clever tactics article with you all.

The White Scars blog is expanding of late and this is probably one of the new posters. This is top quality stuff and something that will improve my game with tactical marines no end.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tournament Scoring: Weighting & Normalisation

It's common in battle point tournaments for a player to receive a score in several categories - usually a subset of battle, comp, painting and sportsmanship. These scores are then added together to provide an overall score.