Wednesday, July 27, 2011

40k Battle Tactics: The Art of the Multi Assault

Like all my 40k Tactics that I blog, it is important that you read the rule book yourself, I will make some basic assumptions on your knowledge, so please don't just try and do something and then quote this blog, make sure you understand it and can justify it with the rule book references.

If you play with us on a Wednesday night down at the Battle Bunker, or have been around combat orientated players, you would have heard many people call for another person's opinion on whether or not someone could do a multi charge that they were trying to do. So I thought that it was about time that someone explained each of the rules that you need to follow in order to be able to create a multi combat, and I will start by just going over these points, then give examples on when you can or can't do it. All relevant material is on page 34 of the 40k rules, unless specified.

I am going to start this tactic with explaining the rules of moving assaulting models in detail, then show 2 examples of almost the exact same scenario, and why one failed to multi assault and the other succeeded.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Squad Smackdown: Aftermath and Winner?

Well *phew*, I made it through the flurry of dice rolling and posting that was the Squad Smackdown. There were some bloodthirsty battles and a few suprising results, topped off with a titanic struggle between Ork Boyz and Space Wold Grey Hunters in the final battle for the title. My favourite matches were:
  • Orks vs Eldar: How close this came to being an early upset against the eventual winners.
  • Tau vs Grey Knights: As a Tau player, I can't resist seeing the Kroot get some love.
  • Orks vs Grey Hunters: The final was an uphill battle for the Space Wolves but they flexed their muscle and fought bravely until the end, showing what a force the Grey Hunters squad can be.

So what about the bets that were laid. Well, as no-one picked the Orks, it will have to fall to the Space Wolf voters - Warflake and An Enemy. However, without a way to choose between them, here is my proposition: both can email to me (see the site banner for details) an infantry squad of up to 200 points in value - other than Boyz or Grey Hunters. The squad must come from either the Space Wolf or Ork codices but any FOC slot is OK. I'll fight them together and the winner gets the prize (which will be a suitably victorious Ork Boy).

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Squad Smackdown - Orks vs Genestealers

Don't know what is going on? Click here.

The tension in the air has been steadily growing, and now on the eve of the final match you could cut it with a knife - and I can assure you that the contestants here are about to do just that! At the Squad Smackdown stadium today we present for you a huge semi-final match-up between 11 ferocious Genestealers and a huge squad of 30 Orks.

Can these elite Tyranids kill enough Orks to survive the backlash? Ad both units has access to Fleet we ruled that there is no advantage to go first.

The gates open!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Squad Smackdown: Space Wolves vs Tau

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OK everybody it's semi-final time and what a match-up we have for you here tonight! The drunken might of Fenris against the stoic team-oriented Tau alliance. 10 bloodthirsty Space Wolf Grey Hunters ready to test their mettle against 20 Kroot and their 10 pet hounds. Elite vs Horde. Good luck to both squads, it looks like we are about to begin...

No advantage for assault is awarded to either squad, so it's a 50/50 chance for either to go first. As the Kroot have no armour, we can disregard the Grey Hunte power weapons for the purposes of this assault.

The gates open!

Friday, July 8, 2011

DOs and DON'TS of the GW Australia Boycott

A thread came up on WargamerAU recently with someone asking where they should buy their models now that the overseas stores have locked us away from fair pricing. The discussion devolved into a more general discussion about what we should be doing about buying models in general. I made a post that seemed to resonate with a few other posters, so I thought I'd repost it here for the blogging crew to ponder:

DON'T buy from GW
DON'T buy GW models from your FLGS
DO support your local FLGS by buying non-GW products. Now is the time to replace your green sheet and books with proper terrain. Or get into Flames of War.
DO buy second hand rather than new. Sell those minis you will never finish, so that others can avoid buying GW too.
DON'T introduce others to the GW hobby. Point them to other systems.

DON'T be afraid to flex our collective consumer muscle.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Squad Smackdown: Space Wolves Get Another Chance!

This post concerns a protest raised on yesterday's match.
Thanks to the latest Space Wolves FAQ, Grey Hunters DO get the bonus attack from Counterattack. The Squad Smackdown council decided to reroll the extra attacks and see if they caused a difference. So that's 8 extra attacks, with the Wolf banner in effect. They managed 6 hits after rerolling two ones, the wound with every hit! The Wyches fail four more saves - so they lost 5 in total this round of combat.

So they lost the combat by 3... they flee but are not caught. However they then fail the roll to rally with box cars, so the battle is won by the Grey Hunters squad! What a turn-around!

Aftermath: Controversy indeed as we head into the Semi-finals. The council has spoken however. So the Imperium represent in the final four!

The remaining four squads are:
  • Grey Hunters
  • Kroot
  • Genestealers
  • Ork Boyz
See you in the semis!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Squad Smackdown: Dark Eldar vs Grey Hunters

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Welcome to the final battle of the semi-finals, and what a match up we have for you today! Two very closely matched squads that excel in the assault - 15 Dark Eldar Wyches led by a Hekatrix with agoniser; vs the ubiquitous Grey Hunters pack, with 2 flamers, 2 power swords and a Wolf banner. Both these squads can pack a punch and have good staying power.

With the Fleet ability the Wyches have the advantage when it comes to getting the assault. They roll a 3 on the drugs table, which is Grave Lotus - they all get +1 Strength, very useful.

The gate opens!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Squad Smackdown: Imperial Guard vs Tyranids

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This is a classic match up here ladies and gentlemen, made famous in Starship Troopers - the humble human soldier facing the unfeeling alien hordes, armed with a whole bunch of flamers. A single Platoon of raw Guardsmen are about to be confronted by a horde of slavering Genestealers.

25 Guardsmen with 6 flamers lined up against 11 Genestealers. The Fleet 'stealers have the advantage to get the assault - and boy do they need it.

The gates open!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Squad Smackdown: Chaos Space Marines vs Orks

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Welcome to the next matchup in the second round of this tournament, and what a big fight we have here today! 30 Ork Boys that can't wait to Waaargh!, against 9 crazed Khorne Beserkers who just love killing stuff. The numbers are with the Orks but that power armour can give a huge advantage...

Unfortunately for the forces of Chaos the Ork ability to Fleet is going to give them the advantage in getting the charge. It's all up to the dice now folks.

The gates open!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Squad Smackdown: Tau vs Grey Knights

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Tonight's battle is a one of extremes - the spam of 30 bodies, with 2 attacks base, against the 'leetness that is the Grey Knight Terminator squad. Those 5 Halberds nullify the initiative advantage that the Hounds would usually have. It's all going to come down to how well the Grey Knights are with their Terminator armour saves.

Neither squad has an advantage to get the charge - it all going to come down to the dice.

The gates open!