Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Squad Smackdown: Space Wolves vs Tau

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OK everybody it's semi-final time and what a match-up we have for you here tonight! The drunken might of Fenris against the stoic team-oriented Tau alliance. 10 bloodthirsty Space Wolf Grey Hunters ready to test their mettle against 20 Kroot and their 10 pet hounds. Elite vs Horde. Good luck to both squads, it looks like we are about to begin...

No advantage for assault is awarded to either squad, so it's a 50/50 chance for either to go first. As the Kroot have no armour, we can disregard the Grey Hunte power weapons for the purposes of this assault.

The gates open!

The Kroot win the roll to go first - but the Grey Hunters are lucky to roll that they start the battle in cover. The Hunters activate their Wolf Standard for the crucial first round of combat. The Kroot can't fire their rapid fire weapons and assault, so let's jump straight in to close combat.

The Wolves go first, thanks to being in cover. From their 30 attacks (thanks to counterattack) they land 17 hits, coverting these to 12 wounds (with 3 or 4 rerolled 1s along the way). Kroot don't come with armour, so that's 12 dead corpses.

The remaining Kroot and Hounds strike back, with 54 attacks, but don't roll well. 25 hits, and only converted to 11 wounds, doesn't put a lot of pressure on the wolves. They then fail 6 saves, but rerolling the 3 ones saves the day, and only 3 Grey Hunters are lost.

The Kroot fail their morale test, needing a double 1. And then the Wolves catch them easily - game over man!

Aftermath: Well, well, that was short and to the point! The extra attacks that the assaulting Kroot benefited from were not enough to present a serious threat to the Grey Hunters. If the Hunters hadn't been in cover then the Hounds would have got to strike first and we might have had a much closer battle - because they would then have been removed as casualties, allowing the squad to get all their attacks. But it might not have been enough to overcome the raw power of the Space Wolves!

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