Thursday, July 14, 2011

Squad Smackdown - Orks vs Genestealers

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The tension in the air has been steadily growing, and now on the eve of the final match you could cut it with a knife - and I can assure you that the contestants here are about to do just that! At the Squad Smackdown stadium today we present for you a huge semi-final match-up between 11 ferocious Genestealers and a huge squad of 30 Orks.

Can these elite Tyranids kill enough Orks to survive the backlash? Ad both units has access to Fleet we ruled that there is no advantage to go first.

The gates open!

The first roll-off to assault is a draw, and the reroll gives it to the Orks! At least the 'stealers make the roll to be in cover, but oh no I'm not sure I they are going to be able to withstand the number of attacks the Orks can throw out.

First it's time for the Orks to shoot those crappy looking pistols. 30 shots gets 11 hits, then 6 wounds. The Genestealers fail 4 cover saves.

The remaining 7 Tyranids strike first in close combat. 14 attacks yields a lucky 11 hits. However they only manage 3 wounds- luckily they can reroll for poison, but this only adds 3 more wounds so just 6 total. The Orks fail all their saves.

The remaining 24 Orks strike back with 96 attacks all at +1 S thanks to Furious Charge! They land 46 hits, converted to 30 wounds. The Genestealers fail 21 saves, and exist no more.

Aftermath: Technically each 'stealer died three times. Let's just say the stadium workers have a job ahead of them cleaning up the arena for tomorrow's Grand Final - Orks vs Space Wolves!


  1. wow, just brutal... those stealers didn't have a chance. Orks are tough to beat when they get the charge, and access to fleet really helps there. if the orks win the roll in the finals, they should have no trouble winning the match

  2. The only time stealers would win this match-up is if they get to assault into open terrain. Same with every other genestealer assault really.

  3. Come on Space Wolves!
    Although something tells me they have little chance...


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