Monday, July 4, 2011

Squad Smackdown: Chaos Space Marines vs Orks

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Welcome to the next matchup in the second round of this tournament, and what a big fight we have here today! 30 Ork Boys that can't wait to Waaargh!, against 9 crazed Khorne Beserkers who just love killing stuff. The numbers are with the Orks but that power armour can give a huge advantage...

Unfortunately for the forces of Chaos the Ork ability to Fleet is going to give them the advantage in getting the charge. It's all up to the dice now folks.

The gates open!

And the Orks win the roll to assault -you can hear the sighs from the Chaos supporters. The Bezerkers are in cover, but that doesn't matter for either shooting or assault as they go first anyway. The Orks fire their pistols before charging, and with some great luck roll 15 hits! That's Guardsman quality shooting - these Boyz have been practising. 8 of these wounds, and 2 Beserkers fail their armour saves and die at Khorne's amusement.

Now the assault proper begins, with the Orks getting furious charge - but the Init 4 Beserkers still go first of course. With 21 attacks they land an impressive 16 hits, converting to 9 wounds. Amazingly the Orks manage 3 cover saves, resulting in 6 dead Boyz.

In return the Orks roll a massive 96 dice for their attacks, scoring 47 hits. The below average run continues - they only convert this to 20 wounds. 6 Khorne Beserkers die to failed saves, meaning that the Orks have tied combat - with one Beserker!

So the next round starts with 24 Orks and a single Beserkers on the field. I think you can use your imagination to see how this turns out...

The Aftermath: Wow. The slaughter of these Beserkers today compares to the slaughter they caused to the Black Templars in round one. Without the charge the Beserkers were incapable of surviving the torrent of attacks that the Boyz could hand out. At least their death can give their god cause for celebration!


  1. Berserkers really are shit. Then again, so are Boyz. Sadface.

  2. Wait, why did the Orks get cover saves in close combat? Shouldn't the Berserkers have won by three in the first round?

  3. Not a cover save, just their standard 6+ armor save.


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