Saturday, July 2, 2011

Squad Smackdown: Tau vs Grey Knights

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Tonight's battle is a one of extremes - the spam of 30 bodies, with 2 attacks base, against the 'leetness that is the Grey Knight Terminator squad. Those 5 Halberds nullify the initiative advantage that the Hounds would usually have. It's all going to come down to how well the Grey Knights are with their Terminator armour saves.

Neither squad has an advantage to get the charge - it all going to come down to the dice.

The gates open!

The Grey Knights get the assault, buy the Kroot are able to find sufficient cover an brace for the charge. 10 storm bolter shots whittle down to 7 hits, 5 wounds, 2 failed cover saves. That cover has prove very useful, although it won't prevent the Grey Knights from striking first as they are the only Terminator unit in the game with frag grenades!

The Hammerhand power is cast successfully, so the Terminators deal out 15 WS4 S5 attacks. They only get 7 hits - 5 3s were rolled, so those Kroot sure are lucky to have WS 4. Those hits convert into 6 wounds, so that means 6 dead Kroot. The remaining models deal 44 attacks, hitting with 21 but only wounding with 8 despite requiring a 4+ - dismal rolling!

So it comes down to the 2+ saves... 2 are failed. Terminators cannot sweeping advance so the Kroot, who need a leadership test of 3 or less, roll a 4 and just run. They then roll 7 and successfully regroup to keep in the fight.

Round 2 and it's an uphill battle here for the severely depleted Grey Knights squad. They only get 6 attacks and manage just 2 kills, despite getting Hammerhand off. In return the Kroot convert their 40 attacks into 24 hits, then again wound poorly, only managing 10. However the Grey Knights have left their mojo at home - they fail 3 of the 10 saves and the entire squad is destroyed.

Aftermath: Without having luck on their side, the Grey Knights faced an uphill battle against so many bodies, but they did well, making the Kroot flee in the first round. They weren't too far from getting another chance to make the Kroot flee in the second round too.

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  1. And so the Tau enter the Final Four.

    Who'd have imagined?


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