Alternate Rules

Welcome to yet another source of home-made codices and rules on the internet.

I had a very clear set of goals in my mind when I go about these projects. Let me document the goals that I will always be striving for whenever I publish alternative rules:

  1. Fluff - produce a list that mirrors the latest published fluff for that army.
  2. Reuse - reuse existing units and conventions where possible, except where these are stupid or inconsistent
  3. Simplicity - don't over design, produce the minimum list of units and options that fulfill the other requirements
  4. Moderate Power - aim to produce army lists that would not produce top tier armies.
  5. Modern - follow the design approach of the latest codices, such adding options to a unit entry rather than a wargear section, and using characters to provide army-wide abilities.
 (excerpt from Thoughts on Fan Codices)

Codex: Death Guard 
Plague Marines, vomitting Dreadnoughts and Lords with Feel No Pain!

Chapter Approved: Crimson Fists
A veteran heavy chapter busy rebuilding its numbers after terrible losses to the Ork menace. Their hatred of greenskins leads to a favouring of flamers and heavy bolters.

Codex: Harlequins 
The amazing space clowns cut a swathe through their opponents on the battlefield.

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