Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Squad Smackdown: Orks vs Eldar

If you don't know the rules, here they are.

In the Red Corner: 30 Ork Boyz eager to "smash sum gurly elves". Who needs a Nob when you have the numbers? (180 points)

In the Blue Corner: 19 Eldar civilians have donned armour and weapons for the good of the craftworld - accompanied by a Warlock with the Enhance power. These amateur warriors don't look entirely comfortable about being here. (200 points)

Both units have access to Fleet, so there is no advantage given to the roll to assault.

The gates open!

The Eldar get the drop on the Orks who seem to be too busy beating on each other to even take cover. A volley of shuriken pistol fire drops 5 Orks where they stand - that got their attention!

The Warlock taps the power of the warp, using Enhance to increase the WS and Initiative of every eldar in the squad. The Initiative boost doesn't matter, but the higher WS means that the Orks will only hit on a 4+, and the Warlock is hitting on a 3+ with his Witchblade (a weapon that always wounds on a 2+). This will last for the entire combat.

A handful of sixty dice thrown results in 32 hits, but with a Strength of 3 the guardians only end up causing 12 wounds, of which the Orks save just one. 16 dead Orks is a significant chunk, the space elves might be in with a chance! 42 Attacks yields 19 hits, which the lucky Orks convert into 13 wounds. The guardians manage 4 saves.

The Orks have lost combat by 2, and fail both their Fearless saves leaving only 12 left. it's not looking pretty out there people, both squads having been severely reduced in size. Will the Eldar advantage be enough now that they have lost the charge bonus?

Let's find out. The guardians attack with 22 dice but only get 9 hits, with both Witchblade attacks missing the mark - uh oh... This converts to 4 unsaved wounds. Seeing a glimmer of hope, the Orks counter with 24 attacks - and get 16 hits! This converts to 9 wounds, which the Eldar assign to Guardians and start praying to Khaine. The saves are rolled... and there aren't any miracles here, only two Eldar avoid an axe to the skull. There are only four left - it has not been a good round for the Eldar. Again they flee, and again the Orks are too slow to catch them, so we continue into what must surely be the final round.

Round 3 is short and sharp. The four remaining Eldar can only manage one dead Ork. The remaining 7 Orks cause 7 wounds. These are allocated so that the Warlock only needs to make one save, but it doesn't matter because the Eldar make NO saves. Bye bye space elves.


  1. This is why you shoot orks, not sully Eldar finery with ork filth. Where was the flamer in the shooting? Is range an issue? How come the orks didnt shoot or at least try to, prior to close combat?

  2. According to my rules there is a random chance of getting the charge. These guys get to shoot to. I think it pretty accurately represents what its like out there on the battlefield.

    However the flamers are a complete fuckup on my part. Protest lodged and acknowledged. The Squad Smackdown council will discuss this tonight and come up with a ruling - it may mean the Eldar get another chance at the crown!

  3. The council decided to reroll the shooting correctly, and redo the entire combat if the Eldar go an advantage. They did not - the same 5 dead Orks was rolled. This is because the wound rolls for the flamer all came up 2's and 3's.

  4. Why no nob? I mean orks have the least amount of points for any squad you can easily fit one in?

  5. Because I would have had to drop 4 Boyz to squeeze one in (with a power claw). And 4 Boyz do WAY more damage.

    I did think about it. Did I miss something?


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