Saturday, June 18, 2011

Squad Smackdown: Blood Angels vs Tyranids

If you don't know the rules, here they are.

In the Red Corner: Red indeed! 10 Sons of Sanguinius stand tall against the Imperium's foes, chainsword in hand and jump pack fully charged. 2 have traded their chainsword for flamers.

In the Blue Corner: 11 slippery Genestealers lurk about. Their talons drip with toxic ooze.

The Blood Angels have the advantage for the assault here - jump packs trump Fleet.

The gates open!

The Blood Angels resist the red thirst. Never mind the advantage +2 on the roll to assault - the Nids win the roll 6-3 in style. Furthermore the Blood Angels fail the 4+ roll required to start in cover. This could get nasty folks...

Eschewing ranges combat, the 11 'stealers leap into combat and use their Initiative 6 to carve into the flying Marines. In a flurry of dice rolls, including rerolling all failed wounds, they inflict 13 normal wounds and 5 rending wounds on the poor Angels. Wound allocation trickery softens the rends to 3 kills - both flamers get double rends allocated. 3 other marines fail their saves - including the Sergeant with power fist.

The 4 remaining Assault Marines land 5 hits, 3 of which wound, converting to 2 kills. The marines flee the assault, but are not caught despite a significant Initiative advantage, so the battle continues.

Round 2 and the Genestealers only manage 7 wounds, with no rending 6s. 2 Marines fail their saves, leaving only 2 to to swing back. They get 3 hits and manage to convert this to 2 deal 'stealers. The round is a draw.

Now reduced to 7 models, the Tyranids inflict a healthy 6 wounds on the remaining couple of marines. They die.

Aftermath: The Blood Angels had nothing to threaten their opponents, especially when faced with such a lethal first turn effort on the Genestealers' part. Even if they had won the charge, without Furious Assault and Feel no Pain granted by a Sanguinary Priest in proximity they are a shadow of their normal selves.

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  1. On of the things I found from my games with the BA is that they really suffer in close combat against units with I6 or more. They do really on that I5 on the charge to hit hard before the enemy starts swinging back. So 'stealers, daemonettes,Wyches, Banshees, Halberded Purifiers etc can be their bane. This is nicely reflacted on the above match up


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