Thursday, June 16, 2011

Squad Smackdown: Space Marines vs Grey Knights

If you don't know the rules, here they are.

In the Red Corner: 9 recruits from the Crimson Fists chapter accompanied by a Veteran Sergeant rocking a power fist and combi-flamer. The scouts are wielding pistols and combat blades, obviously hoping that extra attack will compensate for a lack of power armour. They are hard to see as they are all equipped with camo-cloaks.

In the Blue Corner: 5 Grey Knight Terminators stand ready to purge the Daemon and bring the pain. Each wields a towering halberd.

Neither squad has advantage on the roll to go first - outflanking was not ruled to be clearly more likely to get the charge.

The gates open!

The Grey Knights get the charge, which might have just spelled the end of the Scouts already! Their storm bolters wound 4 times, but only 1 save is failed - despite the scouts failing to find cover.

Oh my god it just got real ugly out there people! The Grey Knights manage to cast Hammerhand (they roll a 9), then hit with 12 of their 15 attacks, wounding (and thus killing) 8 poor scouts. Still reeling from shock, the Sergeant is still able to kill a single Terminator in return with his power fist. The Scouts lost by 7, fail their Leadership test spectacularly and flee. However as the Grey Knights can't Sweeping Advance the battle continues.

Round 2 is swift and sure. The Grey Knights cast Hammerhand again, then proceed to hit AND wound with 7 of their 8 attacks. The scouts are no more.

The Aftermath: No surprises here. Even a commentator as ruthless as me felt sorry for those poor scouts - they were out of their depth. Halberds are amazing!

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