Tuesday, January 24, 2012

British/Polish Parachute Company (1500)

I've been making good progress with my Paratroopers - pics to come shortly! Ive moved on and bought anti-tank guns and artillery, and have HMGs an Mortars on order. As my forces slowly build, it has become time to settle the 1500 point lists that I want to aim for.

Both these lists come from "A Bridge Too Far", which is the only briefing book I have. The first list is incredibly defensive, a true Parachute list. The second list lets me play around with recon and tanks :) Both lists are accompanied with a brief explanation of why I chose the units in question.

Frost's Perimeter Force (1500)
Frost (65)
Company HQ - 3 PIAT (125)
Parachute Platoon - 3 squads (230)
Parachute Platoon - 3 squads (230)
Assault Platoon - 3 sections (125)
HMG Platoon (150)
Anti-Tank Platoon - 2 sections (170)
Light battery - 4 sections (280)
Sporadic Air Support (125)

Taking Frost shapes the whole army. Firstly it will always defend, even against other infantry. Secondly he gives his platoon a 2+ morale check - combining him with the HQ, all the PIATs and a platoon gives a very brave 14 stand unit! Finally he helps protect my guns (of which I have twelve stands) by allowing me to remove other stands as casualties.

The HMG platoon are there to stop assaults, with a good ROF even when pinned. The 6 pounders and air support provide my long range anti-tank. The artillery can contribute to this, or drop smoke on units outside my reach. The assault platoon are there because I couldn't get anything else for the points!

Polish Parachute Company (1500)
Company HQ - 2 PIAT (105)
Parachute Platoon 3 squads (230)
Parachute Platoon 3 squads (230)
Mortar Platoon (135)
HMG Platoon (150)
3 Sherman V 1 Firefly (365)
2 Daimler 2 Dingo (160)
Sporadic Air Support (125)

The Polish list lets me take a unit of Shermans and an armoured recon unit. Both seem fun to play and important for me to have to learn all aspects of the game. Taking these plus the mandatory units doesn't leave me many choices. I added the HMGs because I am pretty sure they rock, and the Mortars as my only source of smoke. Air support provides another form of ranged anti-tank that can destroy anything in the game - viva the Typhoon!

Note that Polish Paratroopers were equipped by and reported to the British Army, and thus appear identical to the Brits - except I believe they wore grey berets.

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