Friday, September 30, 2011

Blog Culling Time

I went through all of my Blog subscriptions in Google Reader tonight and unsubscribed from 8 blogs - I also added two more after following a few interesting links. I've found myself skipping through a few blogs consistently of late and its cramping my blog-reading style! Also between podcasts and blogs I am struggling to find time to write my own blog posts, so its time to cull the chaff.

I'm looking forward to a new streamlined blogging experience. One of the bigger decisions was to unsubscribe from Blood of Kittens. The content has changed a lot since I subscribed a year ago, and rarely held my interest. It was the post criticising NOVA that was the final straw...

Found whilst sorting through my blog subscriptions, one blog that I want to share with you all if you don't subscribe already is 2+ Invulnerable. Check out the amazing paint jobs. I found this on the GDMNW Blogdex, which is an awesome resource that I am only half way through.
Finally I have to apologise in my delays with getting the Squad Smackdown trophy painted. I'm going through a slow period in painting, but I'm gonna have to snap myself out of it and get the paints back on the table. Expect something soon. And a blog post or two I promise :)

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  1. Thanks for pointing out 2+Invulnerable, that's some amazing painting. Good luck keeping up with the culled blog list, I should probably do the same as well.


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