Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Podcast Reviews: 40k and Flames of War

Hi loyal readers. I've got a couple of new 40k podcasts to share with you. In addition, with the blogs recent expansion to include Flames of War, I have included a review of every podcast that focuses on that system - of which there are two!

Jaded Gamercast (link)

The hosts are two veteran gamers, both ex-GW employees, and each episode covers a single topic for about an hour. The title is both apt and not - they are wise to the wiles of Games Workshop, and happy to rant on topics that displease them, but obviously still love their gaming hobby.

Content is usually Fantasy or 40k related, perhaps favouring the square bases a little, but will also venture into other system from time to time. I just delete the Fantasy episodes. A special mention to their habit of describing their alcoholic beverage at the start of each episode - with a special fondness for scotch. Despite their regular intoxication they still deliver the goods. Needless to say I like these guys!

Battle Plan Roll 6s (BPR6) (link)

Funny name, and all in all not a bad podcast. Hosted by a bunch of guys from Connecticut who form the "Rusty Scabbard" gaming group, they will take you through their 40k gaming and hobbying. They describe the meta in their area as very different to the prevailing, with MSU apparently not doing very well! These guys also organise the occasional tournament.

A casual atmosphere and some interesting discussion. Its not my favourite podcast by any means, but might well appeal to those who like Imperial Vox Cast or Eternal Warriors as it seems to be in a similar vein. Not one that I am going to continue to listen to, but only because there are a lot of good options out there, and I am trying to spread my podcasting net across more genres.

Radio Free Battlefront (link)

Now for the GW fan-boys out there this is something amazing - Battlefront themselves have a regular monthly Flames of War podcast! It's not particularly long, but the content is engaging and sometimes insightful. They talk about recent releases and what they are working on at the moment, with refreshing candour. They will also discuss their personal projects just like a normal podcasts.

As well as the regular hosts (who include the main rule writer) they often include other staff member on the panel. So you get a chance to meet the team and hear from a few different perspectives in the games development process. The website above is not easy to use - go here to subscribe.

What Would Patton Do (WWPD): News from the Front (link)

These guys love their Flames of War, and it shows. They seem to have a massive collection of armies and terrain, and play regularly both with friends and at tournaments. They will cover news, recent games, army building, tactics and rules - the whole gamut. They are usually big fans of Battlefront, and actually appear to have a close relationship with the company, but won't shy from criticism when appropriate.

WWPD is a gem. The production is slick, entertaining and characterful. The hosts are eloquent and funny, and really have their fingers on the Flames of War pulse. Along with 11th Company and 40k UK, this is one of the podcasts that I am always eager to listen to, whenever it appears on my podcast playlist. In fact it is probably my favourite!

But it doesn't stop there. The WWPD website is an amazing resource for FoW players. Their forum is IMO the best FoW forum on the net, with a great responsive community and no trolls. The blog has regular reviews and gorgeous battle reports. And they host a player finder and tournament calendar. They even have a World of Tanks clan. It's the full package.

The History of World War II (link)

OK not a gaming podcast, but I can get away with squeezing it into the Flames of War category because it is so good. Listen to Ray Harris as he walks you through the entire history of WWII, starting with the rise of Hitler, Mussolini, and the militant Japanese army. He takes his time as there is of course plenty to cover - the current episode 44 is up to the Battle of Britain.

The content is what makes this podcast such a good resource. It is well researched and very thorough. Although I have read plenty of WWII history before, I really appreciate Ray's meticulous coverage. He also speaks well and is easy to listen too.


  1. Wow I just stumbled across this link randomly (from House of Paincakes) and I must say that your review of our WWPD podcast/site/etc is without a doubt one of the biggest affirmations for what we do I've ever come across!

    Thank you for your kind words!


  2. Awesome. You know you deserve it Steve :)


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