Saturday, March 24, 2012

What Up With The Plague

Hi. Long time no see. It just doesn't seem that I have the time to post regularly at the moment, so sporadic will have to do. Also, I really suck at photographing minis, mainly because of terrible indoor lighting. I've got a bunch of minis to show you, but need to organise a photo shoot. Looks like this post is going to degenerate into me telling you about the projects I have been up to recently.

Firstly I have bought the 3rd edition Flames of War rulebook and am in the process of reading this tome. Its full colour, beautifully illustrated with a massive index. The inside cover map is beautiful. And it comes with a free army list book. Expect a review when I have finished it.

Secondly I have been obsessively building Flames of War army lists out of the Armies book that comes with the new rulebook. There are 3 lists for each of the four major WWII powers. I just love getting such a comprehensive, beautifully presented bunch of lists virtually for free. So far I've only really been concentrating on German Armoured, British Armoured and British Rifle.

Thirdly I have been buying and assembling Plastic Soldier Company 15mm German tanks. I now have 5 Panthers and 5 Panzer IVs all ready to spray. Putting these together has been fun, and very different to the Games Workshop style models - mainly due to the scale. Looking forward to Tiger IEs which are coming out soon, as well as a British Sherman/Firefly box set. Its exciting to watch Plastic Soldier Company grow, and they are producing some quailty products so good on 'em!

40k has been slow. I picked up about 10 bikes and a third land speeder for my ever-growing Crimson Fists force. I need to get stuck in to some serious painting now and prepare for the upcoming Necron battle. Paint some scouts which will be fun. I really need to pick up 10 sniper scouts in cloaks, it stops me from being able to play several types of builds.

In general gaming I have been playing around with several apps on the iPhone. I recommend checking out Ascension if you want a portal deck-building game with plenty of flavour, strategy and a challenging AI. I can play a game in 10 minutes, so I must have played it at least 100 times. Look out, this is addictive!

Hopefully I can get my act together and go into all of the above in more detail in future posts. Until then...

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