Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Resurrecting my Plague Marines II: The Unpainted

Following on from my previous post, here I am going to go through my unpainted / unassembled Chaos Space Marine models. These forces have been gathered from bargain purchases off Wargamer AU in the four years since I built the original army. These reserves have been patiently awaiting their chance to be unleashed on unsuspecting enemies and spread a little pestilence.

In general I love the assembly and modelling part of the hobby, but the level of detail I have gone to in this army makes some of the tasks a little onerous. Still with a new codex (well I don't actually have the codex but its starting to look like I'll have to pick it up) one can find the patience and energy to do what has to be done :)

Looks like I have another 10 vanilla Chaos Space Marine models, ready for conversion into Plague Marines. As this process takes me about 2 hours per model, I hope to avoid this whenever I can, in all honesty :)

Possessed Chaos Space Marines. I lost the fifth after leaving it behind after a game. I look upon these as a bits factory - I want to use their awesomely Chaosy backpacks on my Aspiring Champions and other characters. Some of those hands will make great power claws or even counts as lightning claws? There are many possibilities.

Zombies!!!! Rawr. Looks like I have 20 or so. Not enough, sadly, if I want to run a couple of units of 35... which I do! But I have lots of Cadian Imperial Guard bits as well which I will probably kitbash them with. Perhaps I can dig up a few more suitable zombie heads and do a bit of green stuff magic to spin these out to 30, but I will still want more. I've been thinking that a few zombies draped over my Rhinos and vehicles might also be "attractive".

Enough bits to make 3 Chaos Terminators; or 2 Obliterators and a scratch-built Typhus? More likely!

Here is a second Rhino all blinged up and ready for an undercoat, with those distinctive doorway arches. Oh wait a second, it needs a green stuff sliming first. I guess the gunner also needs a Plague Marine head - I'd better get the guitar wire out. *sigh*

There is something about Vindicators that just screams to me "put one in your Death Guard army". I think its the short range and tough looking seige shield. This model was purcased very cheaply - with good reason! The seige shield was very difficult to attach and a few bits are missing, but nothing that can't be fixed with a little Nurglification.

Chaos vehicle bits that I can use to pretty up the Vindicator.

What a horrifying apparition. Up there in the list of most ugly Games Workshop models of all time, its the hideous yet strangely compelling Chaos "Hellbrute". Luckily for you the undercoat makes it difficult to make out the details in the picture above. He's armed with a chain flail I guess. Don't worry, I have the missing foot!

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