Sunday, November 7, 2010

Painting my 2nd ed Tanks

I am methodically working through painting an addition six Rhino chassis that I have picked up through various second hand purchases on wargamerau. I probably only spend a couple of hours a week on them if I am lucky, so it is taking me a while - but they are progressing at a regular pace.

At this stage I have done all the base colours, which to me is the hardest part of any project. Washes and highlights take up far less time because you are dealing with a lot less paint at these stages. I have started applying Badab Black to provide shading across the models. This will be followed by 2 layers of lighter blue (they are base coated in Necron Abyss) and hand painting the fists logo - something I had done on every one of my models in this army.

Some of you may never have seen the old models for Space Marine vehicles. Well I present the Vindicator, Whirlwind and Predator. The models certainly look different to their modern equivalents!

I am especially fond of the Vindicator and would love to have two more for my collection. It is my firm believe that Vindicators should always travel in threes on the battlefield. Notice how I have replaced the twin-linked bolters that came with these old models with terminator storm bolters.

The Whirlwind model is OK but has too many metal studs for me to paint! This one looks like it has suffered some battle damage from a previous owner.

Now I have 3 Dakka Predators - each armed with an autocannon and two heavy bolters. That's some serious firepower!

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