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40k Rulebook and Codex FAQs Summarised

This is just me copying and pasting the interesting looking entries from each FAQ, without large amounts of thought. It the ruling was obvious to me I didn't bother. Take it for what it is.

My general impression is "well done', this is a positive and well thought out update, something that we all wished for I'm sure. Some of the cheesiness of 6th edition has been toned down - Fateweaver, Tau drone characters - leaving Flyers at the top of the cheese mountain.

You can find all the FAQs on the Games Workshop site.

Main Rulebook

Page 35 – Special Rules, Feel No Pain.
Add the following paragraph “If one or more models in a unit have the Feel No Pain special rule then the Mixed Saves method of Wound allocation should always be used for allocating Wounds and removing casualties from that unit; Feel No Pain rolls should be individually made after each failed armour save.”

Page 49 – Flying Monstrous Creatures, Grounded Tests. Change the second sentence of the third paragraph to read “A Grounded Flying Monstrous Creature is treated as if it is in Glide mode with immediate effect, and can therefore be targeted normally and charged in the following Assault phase. Furthermore, the model automatically loses the Jink special rule (if it had it), but can otherwise revert to Swoop mode again in its next turn.”

Page 83 – Skimmers, Special Rules.
Change this sentence to “Skimmers that are not also Heavy Vehicles have the Jink special rule”.

Q: Can a character make a Look out, Sir attempt to pass a Wound from an overheating Gets Hot weapon onto another member of his squad? (p16)
A: No.

 Q: Can you use a witchfire power when resolving Overwatch? (p21) A: No.

Q: Can the Feel No Pain special rule be used to resist a Wound suffered from the Perils of the Warp? (p35)
A: Yes.

Q: If a model has the Eternal Warrior and Feel No Pain special rules, can it still make Feel No Pain rolls against Wounds that inflict Instant Death (Eternal Warrior states that the model is immune to the effects of Instant Death, after all)? (p35)
A: No.

Q: The rulebook states "A unit that makes a Scout redeployment cannot charge in the first turn." Does this mean that if your opponent has the first turn and you go second, your Scouting unit can charge? (p41)
A: Yes.

Q: The rulebook says that you halve your Attacks characteristic if you perform a Smash attack. However, if a Monstrous Creature has an uneven number of Attacks, (3 for example), but has charged that turn, does it receive the bonus Attack for charging before or after halving its Attacks? (p42)
A: You halve the model’s Attacks characteristic first, then apply any additional modifiers. In the example above, the model would halve its Attacks first (rounding up to 2), then receive a bonus Attack for charging.

Q: Flyers are entitled to choose whether or not to use the Skyfire special rule at the start of each Shooting phase. Can Swooping Flying Monstrous Creatures also do this? (p49)
A: Yes.

Q: Does a Flying Monstrous Creature that arrives via Deep Strike count as arriving in Swoop mode? (p49)
A: Yes.

Q: If a melee weapon ignores armour saves, such as a Tyranid bonesword or Captain Tycho’s Dead Man’s Hand, is it treated as an unusual power weapon and therefore AP3? (p61)
A: No – it ignores armour saves completely.

Q: If the Blood Lance or Jaws of the World Wolf psychic power (or any beam power for that matter) passes through more than one enemy unit, does my opponent get to make a Deny the Witch roll for each unit affected?
A: No. The first unit affected by the psychic power can attempt to Deny the Witch, but if that test is failed, every enemy unit is affected as normal.

Q: Are models free to move underneath Zooming Flyers? (p80)
A: Yes, though enemy models must finish their move at least 1" away from the Flyer’s base.

In my rush to post I missed what was probably the most important of all the new changes. You can no longer use Look Out Sir to redirect wounds to any model in the unit.

Page 16 – Shooting Phase, Look Out, Sir
Change the second sentence of the second bullet point to: “Determine which model in the unit is closest to the character, and resolve the Wound against that model instead.”

Page 26 – Assault phase, Look Out, Sir
Change the fourth sentence of the first paragraph to: “Determine which model in the unit is closest to the character, and resolve the Wound against that model instead.”
Imperial Guard

Page 48 – Leman Russ Battle Tank, Lumbering Behemoth.
Replace this entry with the following: “A Leman Russ follows
the rules for Heavy Vehicles on page 83 of the Warhammer
40,000 rulebook.”


Page 26 – Battlesuit Armoury, Iridium Armour.
Change the last sentence to read “These increase the model’s
Armour Save to 2+, but the additional 2D6" move in the
Assault phase is reduced to 1D6".

Page 30 – Armoury, Disruption Pod.
Change the last sentence to read “A vehicle with a disruption
pod has the Shrouded special rule against any weapons firing
from more than 12" away.”

Page 28 – Armoury, Target Lock.
Replace this entry with “A model with a target lock can shoot at
a different target to the rest of his unit.”

Q: Can any kind of Tau Drones ever be considered characters? For
example if attached to a character with a Drone Controller? (p31)
A: No.
Space Marines

Nothing of interest


Page 83 – Close Combat Weapon, Lash Whips.
Change the second paragraph to read “Any enemy model that
is in base contact with a Tyranid with one or more lash whips at
the beginning of the Fight sub-phase counts their Initiative
value as 1 until the end of the Assault phase, regardless of their
actual Initiative.”

Space Wolves

Page 83 – HQ, Bjorn the Fell-handed, Unit Type.
Change unit type to Walker (Character).

Page 83 – HQ, Bjorn the Fell-handed, Hull Points.
Add a Hull Points value of 3.

Q: If Logan Grimnar chooses to wield the Axe Morkai in one hand,
does it count as a frost blade (as mentioned in the special rule) or a
frost axe (as implied by the weapon’s name and the model itself)? (p56)
A: A frost blade.

Q: Can I attempt to use a Rune Priest’s runic weapon, a Wolf Tail
Talisman and make a Deny the Witch roll to nullify an enemy psychic
A: No. You can only make a single attempt to prevent an
enemy psychic power, so choose your method carefully.


Page 58 – Ghazghkull Thraka, Prophet of the Waaagh!
Change the third paragraph to read “Furthermore, for the
duration of the Waaagh!, all friendly Ork Infantry units
automatically count as rolling a 6 if they Run, and models with
the Slow and Purposeful special rule exchange it for Relentless
instead. All non-fleeing friendly Ork units become Fearless for
the duration of the Waaagh!”.

Q: If a Looted Wagon fails its Don’t Press Dat roll it must move ‘as far
as possible’. Does this mean it has to move Flat Out? (p54)
A: No.

Sisters of Battle

Nothing to see here.


Page 44 – Canoptek Wraiths, Whip Coils.
Change the second paragraph to read “Any enemy model that is
in base contact with a Canoptek Wraith with whip coils at the
beginning of the Fight sub-phase counts their Initiative value as
1 until the end of the Assault phase, regardless of their actual

Q: Do units hit by lightning as a result of Imotekh’s Lord of the Storm
special rule benefit from the Stealth or Shrouded special rules due to
Night Fighting? (p55).
A: No.

Q: Does a Canoptek Wraith equipped with a particle caster receive
+1 Attack in close combat? (p94)
A: No.
Q: Is there any way to embark back onto a Night Scythe?
A: Yes – follow the rules for Embarking on page 78, treating
the Night Scythe’s base as its Access Point. Note that this is
possible despite the Night Scythe being a Zooming Flyer.

Chaos Daemons

Page 49 – Fateweaver, Oracle of Eternity.
Change the first sentence to read “Because of the incredible
prescience of the Oracle of Tzeentch, Fateweaver and all
friendly units chosen from Codex: Chaos Daemons within 6" reroll
all failed Armour, Invulnerable and Cover saves.”

Page 73 – Daemonic Gifts, Chaos Icon.
Change the second paragraph to read “When a friendly unit
chosen from Codex: Chaos Daemons Deep Strikes within 6" of an
Icon of Chaos, it does not roll for scatter, provided that the
icon was on the table from the beginning of the turn and has
not arrived from Reserve in the same turn.”

Page 74 – Gifts of Tzeentch, Soul Devourer.
Replace the second, third and fourth sentences with the
following profile:
Range S AP Type
Soul Devourer - User 3 Melee,
Soul Devour

Dark Angels
Chaos Space Marines

Didn't bother to read - new Codex coming soon

Blood Angels

Q: What Mastery Level is Mephiston? (pg 47)
A: Mastery Level 3.


Page 44 – Vehicle Upgrades, Star Engines.
Replace the second sentence with “It may move up to 24" when
moving Flat Out instead of the normal 18" for a Fast Skimmer”.

Page 49 – Shadowseer, Veil of Tears.
Replace the entire entry with “The Shadowseer and her unit
have the Stealth and Shrouded special rules”.

Page 57 – Fuegan, The Fire Axe.
Replace the last sentence with the following profile:
Range S AP Type
- +1 2 Melee, Smash

Q: Are the effects of the multiple Runes of Warding cumulative (i.e. two
Runes of Warding in range would cause the character to roll 4D6 when
taking psychic tests)? (p26)
A: No.

Q: Do Dark Eldar allies count as Eldar for the Farseer psychic
powers Fortune and Guide? (p28)
A: No.

Q: If I have the classic Howling Banshee Exarch model with a power
axe, does she strike at Initiative 1 (for Unwieldy) or Initiative 10 (for
the Banshee Mask)? (p31)
A: Neither. Treat the axe as a stylised executioner for +10

Dark Eldar

Page 58 – Dark Eldar Wargear, Huskblade.
Change the last sentence to read “A huskblade is an AP2 melee
weapon with the Instant Death special rule.”

Q: Can a Helliarch’s stun claw be used to ‘snatch’ enemy Independent
Characters who are involved in a challenge? (p28)
A: No.

Q: When allocating Wounds caused by a unit of Reaver Jetbikes
making a bladevanes, cluster caltrops and / or grav-talon attack, from
which direction is the attack considered to have originated? (p29)
A: Allocate hits from these using Random Allocation.

Q: Does Baron Sathonyx’ Custom Skyboard add +2 Strength to his
Hammer of Wrath attacks? (p48)
A: Yes.

Black Templars

Q: Must the ‘Consolidate move’ towards the enemy for Righteous Zeal
be made in full? (p23)
A: Yes.
Q: Is the Abhor the Witch, Destroy the Witch vow taken instead of
normal Deny the Witch rolls? (p25)
A: Yes.

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