Saturday, January 1, 2011

Coming Up: Rules for Crimson Fists

Next up I will be posting some house rules for playing a Crimson Fists force. This will be a set of rules that are applied on top of Codex: Space Marines in order to better reflect the structure and tactics of this chapter.
See here for my previous post on how I approach fan codices.

Unlike my previous Codex: Death Guard, these rules have not been created due to frustration with the current Codex. It is instead an attempt to make a fun army that plays a little differently to the vanilla Space Marines. These are definitely only intended for friendly games. As there are only a few changes to the standard codex I am calling it a Chapter Approved supplement rather than a distinct Codex.

There are two aspects of the Crimson Fists chapter that I am focussing on in the development of this supplement. Firstly they are a chapter dedicated to fighting Orks, even before the Rynn's World disaster that further intensified their greenskin hatred. This leads to a preference for flamers and heavy bolters in their weaponry. Secondly, they are rebuilding the chapter from a massacre that left only a small fraction of the force alive.  Expect to see scouts.

Note: I have not read the apparently heretical Soul Drinkers books by Ben Counter, so don't expect any of the content there to be reflected in my rules.

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  1. The Crimson fists are one of my favourite chapters, so I will definitely want to see this Chapter Approved stuff.


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