Saturday, March 19, 2011

An Exciting New Podcast

It's turning out that the things I want to see in 40k are actually happening. Firstly, an FAQ for Dark Angels was released that makes an all terminator force a competitive reality. Now the 40k Basement podcast crew are back in the game! If you don't know what I am talking about, check out my podcast reviews - you have some episodes to download.

Well the new show is El Pee and The Man, and actually it's just Mr Hyde and Parker from the 40k Basement. These two guys are hilarious and have great chemistry together. They are actually doing a live show with video (of them sitting on a couch), and releasing this as a live stream, as YouTube video, and as a podcast. Each hour of the podcast is a different download, because there is an hour in the middle of the live show where they eat pizza, drink beer, and interact with listeners through the chat feature.

It's a very dynamic setup, unique within the scene. I'd expect nothing less from the boys who brought us "Army in a Weekend". The content is extremely adult, but very funny and the repartee is non stop. Although this often annoys me, in this case there is great chemistry and they usually manage to remain on topic. Their angle strikes a balance between competition, hobby and getting drunk!

Somehow this one got away from me, there are nine episodes already available. Looks like I have some downloading to do...

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