Friday, March 4, 2011

Finally Getting my Blogging into Gear

Apologies for the meta article. Hopefully there is someone out there who gets motivated enough to update their blog too!

Now that I've been blogging for nearly six months I realised that there were a bunch of things I was failing at. In the last couple of days I have been doing the following:

  • I was confused by a disconnect between Google Reader and blogs I am following in blogger, which I have finally got my head around. So now the list in my blog roll is the blogs I am actually following!
  • I have asked around a couple of placed to get on other blog rolls, and applied to the BOLS Alliance to appear on their front page blogroll. Already I am seeing a lift in my hits.
  • I am working my way through the GDMNW 40k Blogdex (seriously hard name to remember guys!) and finding some great new sites to add to my reading. I've also purged some of the sites that haven't been doing it for me.
  • I am going to go through all the blogs in my Blog Roll and add myself as a subscriber, something I should have been doing from the outset!

I have also updated the layout of my site. Sure, the graphics are still shit but I think there is a lot more useful information readily available now. You might notice the following changes:

  • Changed my front page from a single article to a list of the 10 latest. Also added separators in the articles so that only a summary appears. Gives the random visitor more of a change to find something interesting, and see more pics too!
  • Added a most popular articles widget. The funny thing is that the Feral Orks article is only popular because it was listed by Ron as an honourable mention in the FTW top ten - and its not even my pic! *sigh*
  • Updated my post categories, and added a heat map so that you can find the subjects of interest.
  • Removed some less useful widgets.

Thanks to all of you out there who have commented on my articles, or added me to your blog roll, or linked to this site. Much appreciated. 

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