Friday, March 25, 2011

Lysander Drops In - Legally!

(this follows on from my previous post.)

I had a lot of fun playing with my illegal drop pod list, but I guess I'm going to have to make something legal if I want to get games in the future. Having to drop 100 points AND upgrade to a full tactical squad has forced some hard decisions. In the end I made the call to drop down to 2 scoring units. Sure one has 2+ saves, and the other is coming in from reserves, but it will still be a challenge winning objective games with minimal scorers.

This is why I LIKE playing at 1500 points, you can't have everything you want so you have to make the hard choices. Sure games can be a little one-sided at times, but they can also be exciting as you both exploit weaknesses in the other's forces.

Lysander Drops In Legally
Lysander 200
10 Sternguard - 4 combi-meltas drop pod 310
Venerable Dreadnought - multi-melta, heavy flamer, extra armour, drop pod 225
10 Tactical Marines - flamer, combi-flamer, power fist, multi-melta, drop pod 245
5 Scouts - missile launcher, 4 sniper rifles, camo cloaks 100
2 x 1 Land Speeder - multi-melta, heavy flamer 150
2 x 5 Devastators - 3 missile launchers 270

So I've dropped a unit of scouts and the Thunderfire Cannon from the previous list. It really hurts loosing that third scoring unit but if I want to play a double hammer list at 1500 something had to give. I feel the Devastators are too important as they have to open the cans for the Sternguard - or keep more distant vehicles from overrunning their position. Also, despite it's amazing debut performance, the Thunderfire has to go as well. It is just too much of an obvious target and too easy to kill.

With the points saved I can fill the tactical squad out to ten, and add a second flamer and a multi-melta. Their role is to drop away from the main action, taking on a smaller scoring squad in cover. The multi-melta might give an enemy second thoughts about approaching their location.

Before I go, here is another take on the list, this time with the traditional Pedro/Lysander combination and an extra 250 points in the opening drop. Not something I'd play I think, but fun to write!

Lysander Drops In with Pedro
Lysander 200
Pedro Kantor 170
10 Sternguard - 4 combi-meltas drop pod 310
10 Sternguard - 4 combi-meltas, drop pod 310
5 Sternguard - 2 heavy flamers, drop pod 185
5 Scouts - missile launcher, 4 sniper rifles, camo cloaks 100
5 Scouts - combat blades, combi-flamer 85
Land Speeder Storm - multi-melta 65
Land Speeder - multi-melta, heavy flamer 75

Pretty vicious eh?


  1. Hey, Marcus. It's Aki. Looking forward to seeing Lystander in play. Thunderfire Cannon looks awesome.

    By the way, three of your Tau Objective Markers are in the Battle Bunker Lost and Found.

  2. Those objectives are so crappy, I forgot to even paint the white cardboard bases before I flocked them! I really should invest time in objectives when I am building an army.

    Ah well at least I had legal objectives for that tournament.


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