Monday, April 4, 2011

Adepticon Results: Space Wolf Victory!

For those of you who are interested, the Adepticon 40k championship was won a few hours ago by a Space Wolf player, against an Imperial Guard opponent. Well done Tony Kopah on what must be a sweet victory after a grueling couple of days with 8 games played. This is actually the same guy who won the NOVA open last year, so obviously extremely talented. Two positions in the American ETC team were up for grabs to the top players of this tournament - I wonder if he'll be joining up?

I actually got up at 3AM (down here in Australia) to watch the games broadcast live! Sat down and did some painting whilst watching and listening to the Independent Characters' ustream broadcast. It was fun to be a part of, but in all honesty it was difficult to follow and thus kind of boring. The overhead view was good but next time include the whole table guys! If they could mike up the players then the whole experience would improve immensely, as we could tell what was going on with every roll. As it was it left a lot to be desired. Mike up the players!

The semi finals were Orks vs Wolves and IG vs Nids. Great to see a variety of Codices in the top four - pity that it lead to such a typical final lineup. It was great to watch the speed of these players, there was a two hour time limit and they were racing through their turns - especially the Ork player! There is no way I could play that fast with any semblance of tactical acumen.


  1. The Semi Finals were actually Orks VS Wolves and IG VS Nids

  2. Micing the players would be nice - but you are assuming they would agree to it as well... players felt enough pressure being on live video. Moving the camera up further to get the entire table would have made what you are seeing from the top down even more difficult to decipher. As it was you were missing 2" off each of the short ends. Overall not a bad trade off.

    We are hoping to improve this next time by increasing the number of cameras. Also bear in mind that this is the first time anything has been done on this scale and scope.

    I'm glad you got up and watched it though and I really do take the feedback constructively! Thanks!

  3. Well I'm not sure that they get a choice :) Seriously it would take the whole thing to the next level...

    Well done ICs on rising to the challenge. I'm certainly aware that this is a first, and very excited to see this kind of thing take off. Whilst my workmates are watching football, I could be watching world class bloodbowl tournaments or something!

  4. "Whilst my workmates are watching football, I could be watching world class bloodbowl tournaments or something!"

    hah that would be something wouldnt it?


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