Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cheap-As Counts-As Paladins

As a self-confessed Terminator lover, I was really itching to build myself a Grey Knight Terminator army ever since the Codex rumours started. When stories of 2 wound Terminator Troops did the rounds my ears perked up, as I realised that an army of these guys could be bought incredibly cheaply. I started to look through my collection to see what I could sell to finance another army.

Today I had the sudden realisation that I basically already have all the models I need. I just need to pick up a new batch of magnets, and a few weapon options I don't already have, and mod my Loyalist Terminators up so that they can fill the role of Grey Knight Paladin on the battlefield.

Why go out and buy a set of models that are virtually identical to the models I already own - including another 2 rifleman dreads? The answer would be for the modeling and painting potential, and to avoid confusion. Well I am happy with my Crimson Fists from an appearance perspective, and am sure I can do the modeling to overcome any confusion in the counts-as department. Besides, the list I am going to build has 14 models so how much confusion could there be?

So we come to the list. Well this I have blatantly plagiarised from Zjoekov's post on 3++. At the time I had not yet read the dex beyond a cursory glance at the FLGS, and I immediately appreciated the ability of Karamazov to cover the weakness of the second Paladin squad. Here's my 1500 point version:

Crimson Fists Paladins - Karamazov Style 1495
Draigo 275
Karamazov 200
2 x 5 Paladins - 2 psycannons, 2 daemonhammers, 2 halberds 630
2 x Venerable Dreadnought - 2 twin-linked autocannons, psybolts 390

5 points left over to master-craft something :)

I love denying my opponent targets for a large portion of his weaponry, like taking no vehicles, or an army of Plague Marines. The T5 of Draigo and Karamazov mean each of their squads receive excellent protection from the instant-kill of missile launchers and lascannons. Just look out for rail-guns and Vindicators!

The Grey Knight "Psyfleman" Dreadnought just might be the biggest bargain in 40k. If you don't know, they get 4 twin-linked shots at Strength 8, dramatically increasing the threat they present to many targets. Combine that with a psychic power that let's you ignore shaken on stunned  on a successful psychic test at Leadership 10. The Venerable Dreads are incredibly resilient because of you re-roll a damage result down to shaken or stunned then you can practically ignore it with your psychic shenanigans - making you nearly immune to glances.

These things are going to piss everybody off.

However nice Karamazov's T5 is, there is a lot to say for the power of the Grey Knight Librarian. I'll probably try out the list below as well and see how they fare. I especially like the idea of Shrouding acting as a poor man's Storm Shield to get a 3+ cover save for all models in 6".

Crimson Fists Paladins - Librarian Style 1485
Draigo 275
Librarian - Sanctuary, Might of the Ancients, Shrouding, Warp Rift 170
2 x 5 Paladins - 2 master-crafted psycannons, 2 daemonhammers, 2 halberds 650
2 x Venerable Dreadnought - 2 twin-linked autocannons, psybolts 390

Obviously these lists aren't set in stone, but they give you an idea of the options available. You should also be able to squeeze in 3 units of 5 Paladins by dropping the second HQ and downgrading the Dreads from Venerable.

So anyway this is my modelling plan for the first list:
  • Buy three dreadnought arms for rifleman conversions - I have already done one, and I have the additional imperial guard autocannons I need.
  • Magnetise the arms for eight of my Terminators (two sergeants can keep their power swords).
  • Paint up and magnetise two Thunderhammers from my bits box.
  • Scratch build four nemesis force halberds.
  • Magnetise Lysander's right hand so he can take a power sword as a Draigo equivalent.
  • Convert a Karamazov. This is the hardest part of the project as I'm not playing with a dude in a throne. At first I was going to model him as a terminator, but now I am now leaning towards using a techmarine model, as the Artificer armour matches and the increased Strength and Toughness could be explained by augmentation. As he needs a 60mm base I was thinking of adding two multi-melta Servitors to his base to represent the master-crafted (ie twin-linked) multi-melta that he totes around, and help fill the base out.
So thats the plan. Not much to field a new army eh? And it will give my regular opponents something new and very different to face.


  1. love it, looking forward to your progress.

  2. Suggestion for Karamazov - maybe if you can get your hands on the Space Hulk dead terminator throne objective that could work well?

  3. Maybe the throne borne by four servitors? Yeah that could look pretty cool.

    Just realised that I forgot the autocannons for my counts-as psycannons. Need to pick up four of those too...

  4. aegis defence line is cheap.

  5. Aargh sorry I mean assault cannons - got the auto ones :)

  6. I like the libby over Karamazov. He does good things and saves points.

  7. Yeah I know - but absorbing Dark Lance hits is priceless. The Libby is a mad man though and overflowing with utility.


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