Friday, May 20, 2011

An Aussie Perspective on GW Pricing.

In case you rely solely on "A Plague Spreads..." for all your GW news, those bastards have switched all their metal to resin combined with a price rise of up to 25% on some models. Simultaneously they have banned their UK resellers from servicing customers from outside the EU.

First of all I want to give a heartfelt thank you to those of you in the northern hemisphere who are expressing their anger at the way us Aussie gamers are being treated by GW. Actually I am excited to see the blogging community responding to this crisis. Our international community might just be a new power in the fight for the rights of GW customers.

The Finecast drama is bullshit, but when I see the prices you Northerners will be paying for these models I am envious. The situation in Oz is so ridiculous that it defies rationalisation. We pay around twice as much and the Aussie dollar is worth more that the US one!

Prices are so high in Australia that it is becoming the norm to buy your armies from the UK. Way to go GW in nurturing your local gaming community. We all want to support our local store but when you are paying double the price there for our little plastic guys it becomes unjustifiable. Your stupidity endangers the whole hobby.

I can no longer justify supporting Games Workshop until the Aussie prices are adjusted to the international level. Furthermore I will actively encourage my peers to boycott all their products. Now admittedly I buy most of my 40k models second hand, so I am going to try to only make these purchases from people who no longer play 40k!

I'm still going to be playing 40k of course - no fear. But what will fill this new void of consumption? Well I have bought the Flames of War rulebook and am working through my second read of it now. This is something I can justify spending money on at the FLGS. Any action that we take must not further hurt the bottom line of our local games stores.

It's crazy, but there is a good chance that you and I can make a difference this time. Blog your thoughts to inspire others. Fill in petitions and send letters and emails. Bombard the fuckers and let them know that the people are angry! Do everything you can and participate.

Thanks again!

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