Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Podcast: 40K UK

If you have been listening to The 11th Company over recent months then you would have heard the "40K UK" segments. Its content covers the UK tournament scene hosted by Dave Symcox, with his trusty side-kick (who's name I can't remember - it's not my fault they have nothing about him on the website!). To be honest they have become a highlight of the podcast to me. So when I found out that Dave was ready to cast off a new podcast into the internet sea you can understand my excitement.

On The 11th Company the boys were basically reporting on their tournament experience. They live in Nottingham which is the home of Games Workshop, and the center of 40k activity in England and perhaps the world! The segments consisted of them discussing the outcome of each tournament they attended, and Dave interviewing opponents and others live at tournaments. I like Dave's relaxed competitive outlook and enthusiasm for the game.

The new 40K UK podcast is more of the same and more besides. Dave's vision is to involve key members of the UK community in order to provide top quality tactical content across all the 40k armies. He has listed off a bunch of hosts and segments that they want to include, and everything seems to be well thought out so far. We will have to wait and see how it all ramps up.

I have just finished listening to episode 2. Normally I would wade through half a dozen episodes before reviewing a new podcast, giving the hosts a chance to work out their technical difficulties and find their rhythm. In this case they already have the experience, and to be honest he does a good job of providing entertaining and informative content. The sound quality is fine too, but still needs a little work. I'm sure Dave will get on to it. My main criticism would be that when reviewing tournaments they go in to a lot of detail on the game, then often play an interview with the player later on where they go over the same ground again. There was also a few people talking over each other in the Rankings Countdown segment.

This has the vision and quality to become one of the biggest and best podcasts out there. It's already running for 3.5 hours (!), and seems to be coming out weekly at the moment, so prepare to set aside a good chunk of listening time!

Now my personal peeve is that the hosts have no respect for master-crafted weapons. They have a segment where they battle special characters against other in an elimination tournament, then discuss the rules of the loser and synergies with his army. In both battle so far, they have neglected to re-roll a miss each turn with Draigo's master-crafted Titan Sword and with Lysander's master-crafted Fist of Dorn. Both models ended up losing their heats. I call Shenanigans!

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