Thursday, May 19, 2011

Your Grey Knights Questions Answered!

With the number of questions emerging from the Grey Knights Codex increasing every day, Games Workshop have decided to nominate a member of our blogging community as the official arbitrator on all such queries. Until such time as the FAQ is released, any rulings published on this blog should be considered the source of truth during the arbitration of rules disputes.

If my Grand Master uses the Unyielding Anvil option of the Grand Strategy power on one or more of my vehicle units, are the targeted vehicles able to hold objectives like a non-vehicle troop?

This Grand Strategy option allows you to make the targeted units "claim objectives as if they were Troops". The controversy is that vehicles can never be scoring according to the main rulebook - but don't forget that in 40k the codex always trumps the rulebook. So if the codex says they are scoring then they are - but is there actually a contradiction in the first case?

The important part of the rule is the "as if they were troops" qualifier. Remove that phrase and the case is clearly in favour of vehicular scoring. But with it present I am forced to rule in the negative - troop vehicles are no more scoring than heavy support ones. The Death Company Dreadnought IS a troop. How does it score? Not very well!

If my Grand Master uses the Spear of Light option of the Grand Strategy power on an interceptor squad or Dreadknight equipped with a Personal Teleporter may the targeted unit perform the once-per-game shunt move for its scout move?

The wording for scouting in the rulebook states that the model may "make a normal move" during the scout phase. A precedent has been set with the Rule book FAQ ruling that bikes may turbo-boost during their scout move. But does this apply the shunt move scenario above?

No. It was unclear if turbo-boosting was considered a normal move, but this was cleared up by the FAQ. However there is no such uncertainty with the shunt move. It is performed "instead of moving", which directly implies that it is not itself a normal "move". Shunt moves may not therefore be used during the scout phase.

If my army contains Inquisitor Coteaz, does each Inquisitorial Henchmen squads fill an FOC Troop slot - thus limiting me to 6 henchmen squads? If not, am I required to take two other troop units in order to satisfy the 2 troop minimum requirement of the FOC?

The codex very clearly states that Inquisitorial Henchmen units do not take up a troops slot in the FOC. Coteaz's Lord of Formosa power cancels the rule restricting the number of henchmen squads you can take to the number of Inquisitors taken.

So in that case, the question is asked if these henchmen squads are able to satisfy the FOC troop unit requirements? There is already precedence that they can. In the Black Templars FAQ it allows the Emperor's Champion to fulfill the FOC requirement of a single HQ, even though he does not fill an FOC slot. In general there is no rule in 40k requiring FOC slots to be filled - they only state that "a dark tones box indicates a compulsory selection".

That should clear these up. More to come so keep an eye out. Feel free to post additional questions below and you might just be lucky enough to get an "official" ruling ;-)

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