Saturday, April 7, 2012

British Parachute Company - Pics!

I've been a lazy photographer for many months now. But I have not been so lazy at the painting table. So now that I have finally got off my butt and taken a few photos, I would like to proudly present my 1500 points of British Parachute Company all painted and varnished. 

Here are the boys en masse. Objectives and HQs at the front, combat platoons in the centre, then weapons, and finally guns. Throw in some wound markers and a sniper.

Sorry but looks like I failed to grab any close-up of Frost or the company command. Unfortunate as the models have personality...

The first combat platoon. Paratroopers are armed with sten guns and Lee Enfield rifles. The chaps to the front left are packing a PIAT which is effective close-ranged anti-tank.

Second combat squad. I'm quite proud of the paint job on this company, given that I took the time to paint several layers of colour, and did the camo on all of their cloaks. What REALLY helped was using a coloured spray for a two-in-one undercoating and basecoating. The can I used was Tamiya AS-22 Dark Earth (RAF). It was excellent and I'll certainly be using that range again for future undercoating.

The final combat squad. If you are interested in a step-by-step recipe for painting these guys, I'll be including one in a post very soon.

Mortars and artillery, the two platoons capable of bombardments. Note the guy pushing a cart with extra ammo, and the staff team consulting maps with red vectors showing enemy movement.

Heavy machine guns and 6 pounders. The heavy support, anti-infantry and anti-tank.

And that is how many you get of Fearless Veterans for 1500 points!

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