Thursday, April 12, 2012

Still more 40k podcasts!

The TCP Podcast (link)

Over a year ago now, I wrote a review of The Codex Project (TCP), a website dedicated to the development of fan codices and rules for 40k. Obviously as a developer of fan rules myself I was intrigued. I tried to get involved on the site but it was something I didn't really have the spare time for. It's hard enough developing content by myself without having to do it by committee.

A year later, and it appears that TCP encountered issues similar to my own. The original potential has not been realised. However, Big Jim an Stucarius (Jeff) have now started a TCP podcast, with the mission of discussing alternatives to the published 40k rules and codices.

There are only 5 episodes so far. After the first intro, each episode contains a single discussion of a topic. The podcast is hosted by Jim and Jeff, but sometimes with other guests - they had Neil Gilstrap (11th Company) and Chris Tuttle (Independent Characters) on one episode, discussing the "leaked" 6th edition codex. These guys are passionate about 40k yet very disappointed with the state and direction of the current rule set - a mindset that I can relate to.

Overall? It's a good listen, and ambitious. They are on point and make sense. Have a listen to what they want to do. The intention is there to produce something of immense value to the community. I for one hope they will succeed.

Signals from the Frontline (link)

Now this is very interesting folks. The boys from Frontline gaming have come out with their own podcast, and it's a little bit different from the other offerings out there. This is the team responsible for the Bay Area Open, a US tournament that is starting to rival Adepticon for size and anticipation. The 'cast is headed up by Reecius, who I have heard speak on several other podcasts, like 11th company. He has always spoke well, and this hasn't changed. I haven't listened to many episodes yet, but it seems that the general format is Reecius and whoever else is available, just chatting about a topic or two - sometimes including the latest 40k news. Uniquely, the episodes are short and come out every few days!

So far I have really liked this one. The hosts are likable and make a lot of sense. Their angle towards the game is a little bit different to the other podcasts out there which I appreciate. Some of the earlier episodes have sound quality issues, but this seems to be resolved now. And most importantly, all the topics I have listened to so far have been interesting.


40Khaos Theory (link)

"Hey look!" I said to myself. "A new 40k podcast." So I got my download on and pressed play. "Production sounds a little dodgy - and haven't I heard that voice before? I swear I have... and why are they talking about such boring topics? This reminds me of Interesting Tactics, and come to think of it this guy is just as boring...".

Sure enough, and once again, I was right. This is another podcast by Adam Eastment, after he pulled the plug on Interesting Tactics. Unfortunately it appears to have all the flaws of his original podcast. I listened to the beginning of two episodes but rapidly stopped both of them due to the quality and subject matter. Sorry guys!


  1. You know, it would be better to add actual constructive critism, rather than just say everything that was bad in it. I don't tell you your blog is shit because the content is shite and boring, do I?

    I may sound rude, but it's true. Currently we're having a shit ton of technical difficulties due to laptop's dying etc. This is mentioned on the blog in various places. Also, if I'm boring why don't you get in contact rather than criticise on a blog that is almost unknown to the 40k populous?

    We do say, email us at I don't get it when people complain about it and they don't even choose to tell the makers?


    Anyway, thanks for your time,

  2. Also, I do appreciate your comments, I am going to take them on board and try and make a better show. But please in future tell us what we can and should add to the show.

    You've caught me on a bad day and I don't mean your blog is boring - on the contrary it's not bad.

    Just please, try and get in contact about the show when clearly you have something to say.


  3. Hi Adam,

    I get why you are annoyed and would rather receive such criticism directly, but reviewing podcasts is something I do as a service to the community. There are a lot on offer these days and many people don't have the time to find and listen to everything out there.

    If people find that they agree with my reviews in general, then they probably aren't going to like your podcast. I'm sure there are poeple out there that do like it.

    I know I was pretty scathing but that was my genuine reaction and an honest review. My advice to you would be to have a plan for each show, keep on topic, fill a unique niche, and think of innovative presentation techniques.


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