Monday, April 9, 2012

The Necron Abyss Conspiracy

I now have around 6000 points of Crimson Fists, of which around 4000 points are painted. I start with a coat of Necron Abyss across basically the whole model. It's a great color - dark but still visible, and as close to purple as a blue can get whilst staying manly.

So imagine my horror when, listening to the last episode of the Turn 8 podcast, the host drops the bombshell that Necron Abyss and Regal Blue (a disgusting blue reminiscent of Ultramarines) both map to the same foundation colour accordin to Games Workshop.

Noooooooooooooooooo.............. (Sound of all the Necron Abyss paints falling into a deep abyss). Shit. Bugger. Fuck. Games Workshop, you WANKERS!

I double checked online (at this handy reference) only to find his claim corroborated. Now I'm pissed off. I'm gonna have to track down a supply from the second hand market - and I better do so quickly because this stuff is soon gonna be as rare as Tentacle Pink.

I LOVE painting with Foundation paints, and am now in fear that I am going to have to work with normal paints over my black spray undercoat. Not fun GW. Here's praying that a competitor will pick up the slack.


  1. It's inevitable when a range changes that some people are going to lose a colour they depend upon. I remember the cries of horror when tentacle pink was removed last time around!

    Doesn't make it any easier on you though. Best wishes finding 2nd hand paint!

  2. I switched from Midnight Blue to Necron what?

  3. Funny enough I use regal blue as a base for my ultramarines and was similarly horrified at the mapping!

  4. I used Tentacle Pink and Glistening Green on a model yesterday. The latter I bought just because I knew it was being axed in a previous paint change. I hadn't even realised that the former was also in the rare/OOP category...

  5. Drathmere, pretty funny eh? I've got a feeling though that the ultramarines will be looked after by GW.


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