Tuesday, April 17, 2012

WIP "Young Helbrecht" Sneek Peek

For an upcoming campaign, I'm painting and adding new models to my Crimson Fists army so that I can play a 3000 point all deep strike list.

I'm going to need a Helbrecht counts - as; and it just so happens that I have his headless body, with distinctive back-slung combi-melta, lying in my bits box from. Well that made this project easy. I had to cover his bionic arm with green stuff as he hasn't lost it yet - that happens at the culmination of the campaign!.

The final touch really glams up the model. There were a bunch of cherub-held cloaks in the bits box at Battle Bunker so I grabbed one. I think it makes him look cool.

The other character I needed to build for that 3000 pt list was an Emperor's Champion. I didn't want him to look fancy as usually he is just one of the battle brothers. So I gave him a wreath (hard to see in this picture), a spikey bit, and he is looking up at his sword. Nothing Fancy. I wonder if he would look better with a shield?


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